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07 January 2020

Koko On Fire

Well you all know about the tragedy at Koko and thank you all for your comments and posts on the Peach pages. We all share the same sadness. But thanks to Pele-Pat Goulbourne and his remarkable heroes at LFB, it seems it was contained to the roof-I am totally sure Pele-Pat Goulbourne was there demanding to be the one in charge (well he is a Commander anyway!) and made sure this fire was gonna be put out in double quick time! Anyway, a s usual the media get it wrong..e.g one paper said it was going to open in April -THAT WAS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, was always late September/early October! So rather than speculate, Don Ian Ranasinghe is the one who deals with Koko and I am sure will be speaking directly with them over the next few days and THEN we will be able to give you an honest and accurate update about our beloved spiritual home!


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