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05 September 2019

R.I.P. Les Adams

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God,George Power, Paul,Trouble and now I have just been told about Les Adams who passed yesterday after a massive heart attack- but they said he was fine on Sunday, and felt just unwell Monday morning so took himself to the hospital- he was an extremely gifted and talented DJ- I hated it when he used to come where I was playing-cos he was ME PERFECTION like you never heard before.,a big loss R.I.P. dear Les Adams Thank you Cheri Class for letting me know..After George just went so suddenly, we know Trouble was ill for a long time, but Les..great one day.. dead the next-I said I will live life to the full cos you just never know, but how can we cos we have to work..? its 10.30pm here and I was in the studio going through promos and online stores til half an hour ago when Cheri Class wrote to me-I am hardly living life to the max..but yes very sad…


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