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23 January 2020


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and 160kps…/graham-gold-influenza-echo-beac…/

Ok firstly, I have to say this! it was so much easier to mix the early tracks in this set when I used to play them on vinyl! It was so much harder on CDJ’S! ! So I admit to some of the ‘mixing’ being totally shite-remember nothing was made electronically in those days-it was live musicians and NOT 4 2 the floor….and tracks that were mainly 120bpm for example would be in reality 117/118/119/121/122 also- with vinyl, you would put your finger in the middle of the vinyl and go in fast circle to speed it up, whilst it wasn’t that easy sometimes, we all did it. Maybe I should have practiced on my cdjs first but I didn’t!
So this is a weekly night where the islands djs get to play a 4 hour set playing the tracks that influenced them to become a DJ and then the tracks they played through their career.,Obviously for me I needed more like 4 days! Because of the age group at the event-it was at a hostel after all so mainly quite young and the fact that I planned to hit the 80’s part at around 11.30, but many people were dancing to the ‘disco’; part of the set, I just could not drop the bpm from 128 to 95! So there was a lot of tracks I could not play this time around- like Wilton Felder, Dennis Edwards, Bobby Womack etc etc etc-all this great down-to mid tempo real 80’s soul classics- maybe next time So just enjoy the music and the journey-and SHOULD anyone reading this still have one of the thousands of cassettes I sold through my 10 year residency at Gullivers in the 80’s, please make digital version and send me! And then I can prove I REALLY could mix this music back in those days!” I would record at least 5 hours every night live-sell them for 10 quid, and that money would buy my vinyl-£5 for a 12′; and around £12 for an album..much of what we use do play were album tracks so not made for mixing as usually just a 4 bar intro!


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