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11 July 2019

A different kind of gig! Check this post out!

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Final post for today, as I spent all evening since I got back from Anantara labelling vids and photos from the last few months! So 2 of my absolute besties Eric and Suzie do this spinning class with a difference every Friday, and they asked me to play at it. Not your usual gig! So we all went through the music with the instructor Allan Reid, keeping in mind the riders were 25/30+ and needed mostly familiarity and happy tunes-they were going to go full pelt for 60 minutes so., I did a quick mock in Ableton so he knew when to make the changes during the of the vids I posted live on my Instgram and so many people said wow-we need this-so here is the mix and here are the vids! Enjoy!!…/graham-golds-spinning-class/


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