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25 July 2018


REEL TO REEL                                         RAISE YOUR HANDS (SHADOW CHILD ACID FUB)             POSITIVA

DJ SNEAK & DJ PIERRE                          BACK UP OFF THE WALL                                                      JACK TRAX

MARCO LYS                                              I HEAT UP                                                                                 UNDR THE RADR

ANDREA OLIVA                                        TERRACE                                                                                 SAVED

TIGER STRIPES                                       JACK MY YUM                                                                         HOT CREATIONS

CHUS & CEBALLOS                                 AIN’T NOBOODY                                                                     KNEE DEEP IN SOUND

DJ PAULO-DJ GROUSE-LISA                  ENTREGATE A MI (UNIK 2ND WARNING)                               KARMIC POWER

BOOKA SHADE                                        CONFESSIONS (BONTAN)                                                      BLAUFIELD

CELEDA                                                    THE UNDERGROUND (LAYTON GIORDANI)                          DANCEPUSH

PER PEDERSON                                      I REMEMBER                                                                          CODA

CARLOS SALAS & LEVI PETITE             SUMBA HEAT                                                                         PHENOMANAL

JANNSONS                                              PICTURE THIS                                                                         KNEE DEEP IN SOUND

OXIA                                                         INSTINCT                                                                                 KNEE DEEP IN SOUND

MAYA JANE COLES                                GO ON AND MAKE IT                                                             BMG

SPACE MOTION                                      MUSE (MORTTAGUA)                                                            TIMELESS MOMENT


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